Do you know how to promote yourself on Small Business Saturday?

Do you know how to promote yourself on Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is nearly here. Are you a business owner who has spent several hours thinking about how you should be promoting your business on what could be a very busy day?

A very busy day for those who plan, those who market their business and those who execute their social media strategy!

For those who literally sat and thought and didn't get very far it could be quite the opposite. After all who will know where you are and what you are doing on Small Business Saturday if you haven’t told them?

Don’t worry we know people often sit and think - think so hard they get themselves into a twist and then ditch it!

Yes the very thing you really wanted to do and tick off your to-do list has just been “ditched” and you go back to doing what you do best - designing jewellery, creating another masterpiece, selling your wonderful products at markets and festivals, producing the tastiest cakes in Shropshire - the list of talents of our wonderful Buy-From Shropshire members is endless.

We couldn’t do what you do BUT we do want you to be able to do what we do! PR and social media for your business!

No doubt Small Business Saturday 2017 will come and go and hundreds of business owners across Shropshire and beyond will say to themselves (and to others too!)

“Next year I am going to get organised for Small Business Saturday. I’m going to write blogs well in advance, write a press release and get all of my social media posts scheduled and ready to go. Oh and I might even go Facebook Live on the day too!”

We want to make sure that you will know how to do all of the above in 2018 and most importantly why you should be doing it too.

So, we’re hosting a series of FREE PR and social media courses in 2018. What will the one day course cover?

●      Key messages - what are they?

●      Target audience - who is it?

●      Networking - how to do it and where?

●      Events - how to host them and why?

●      PR - what is public relations?

●      Photography and video - why and how?

●      The website - how should it be used?

●      Blogs - why do we do them and how?

●      Case studies - who and why?

●      Let's get social - which social media platforms are right for you, why and how?

●      How do I write a press release?

●      What is a PR plan?

●      What is a blog plan?

●      What is a social media schedule?

●      Social media platforms.

Here’s some of the feedback from our attendees from this week’s course:

“The trainers managed to engage well with a large group with varying degrees of knowledge.”

“It was good to increase my confidence in social media… fast paced but relevant.”

“Lots of practical tips to remind me to keep track.”

“Two experts who really knew their stuff and covered it really well. Thank you.”

“Good overview on social media posting and what we should use.”

What are the dates of our FREE (100% fully funded for Shropshire based businesses with fewer than 250 full-time equivalent employees) Digital PR and Social Media courses in 2018?

●      February 14th (how romantic!)

●      April 26th

●      May 24th

●      June 26th

If taking a full day out of your business just is not possible then maybe you would like to consider a two-hour one-to-one mentoring session with one of our experts at our offices in Wellington for just £99 + VAT.

To find out more about any of our training call Kirsty on 01952 567819 (it’s good to talk!) or email

2018 Facebook Changes Ignite Creativity

2018 Facebook Changes Ignite Creativity