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Buy-From Training & Workshops


You’re a one or two person business.  You do EVERYTHING yourselves!  You make wonderful gifts, or you create wonderful foodstuffs, or you provide a wonderful service.  You’re a specialist in that field. YET – you also have to find customers, keep customers, build a brand, develop an online presence, manage the finances, buy supplies, sort out deliveries.  On, and on, and on.  It’s exhilarating, it’s exhausting and, possibly, it’s daunting.


Where do you turn when you realise you need to upskill?  How do you find the time?  How do you find the funds??


Here at BUY-FROM we specialise in training and supporting micro and small businesses.  We understand you. And what are our credentials that allow us to make that claim?  Like you, we, too, are a small team.  We, too, are specialists in our field.  We have a wealth of experience and proven success.  Our ‘field’ is spot-on training and support for small businesses just like yours.  We’ve developed our services and courses by listening to the needs of small businesses just like yours. 

These are just some of the things you tell us you are desperately looking for in terms of training:


CONTENT – ‘I want it to be realistic and understand the reality of running a small business and exactly what I need to help my business grow’.


Our courses are aimed directly at those areas we know will help small and micro entrepreneurial businesses develop.  They address the skills areas so many of you have identified.  The skills you didn’t need to develop in your ‘old life’ but the ones you desperately need now.

We can help you with:


·       Building an eyecatching and EFFECTIVE website alongside an expert team who take time to understand your unique business, take your needs and constraints into account and advise you every step of the way;

·       Understanding HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA to your advantage;

·       Building an ONLINE MARKETING CAMPAIGN and guiding you through the labyrinth that is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION;

·       BUSINESS PLANNING AND GOAL SETTING so that you can successfully  clarify, plan and realise your own vision for your business as it grows.


In addition, we can offer:





TIME – ‘I want short courses that exactly match my needs.  I can’t afford to waste time away from my business doing training that doesn’t really help my business’.


Most of our courses run for just 3 hours on a rolling programme.  If you need a suite of courses then you can attend a number of 3 hour courses spread over time.  It helps with your cash flow and your time constraints.  We understand that time away from your business is time that must be used wisely.  If you live a long way from our local area (Shropshire), we offer online courses and webinars.



COST –  ‘Any training I do must be reasonably priced and cost effective.  I work for myself!  I don’t have money for expensive courses’.


The chances are you don’t have a training budget, (is that a hollow laugh, I hear?).  Exactly.

Our 3 hours courses are, typically, £35 per person.  Enough said.



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You’re worth it!

We’re worth it!