Smile for the camera – How to Be Your Brand

In the world of social media, image is everything. Whether people follow you, like you or want to be your friend, they are looking to see more than pictures of your services and products – they’re looking to see you, the face behind (and of) your brand. 

Social media thrives in helping people to connect and communicate. The possibilities for audiences to connect with inanimate products are of course limited, but the possibilities to connect with the people behind the brand are endless. Your appearance on the brand’s online promotion opens up options for socialisation and relatability, showing the depth of the business beyond the services that you offer. 

Being camera shy in this visual, digital age makes business tricky. It may feel outside of your comfort zone to see yourself within the Instagram bubble, but if you pop your insecurities aside, you’re likely to see your numbers of online fans and offline customers grow. 

Integrating yourself into your business’s online image is easier than you might expect. When you look for them, photo opportunities are everywhere.
If you’re out and about, snap a picture of yourself and those that you work with. Or, if you’re having a little celebration in the office for a success, regardless of how big or small, share this with your audience. By doing so, you will be showing, not just what you do as a business, but also how you do it. 

Presenting yourself as the face of your own brand needn’t be scary; if you lead a business, you are already doing huge amounts to run and develop the business and for this you deserve recognition, whether you’re one to seek out the limelight or not.  

Embrace the selfie-promotion. Smile for the camera and smile for your audience; being the face of your brand allows the audience to appreciate you and the work you do. But, better yet, it allows you to show how much you appreciate them in return.

By Laura Brown