Spotlight on: The Woolly Stork

With the launch of Buy-From Britain at the International Spring Fair in February, we are shining the spotlight on the nine independent business we will be representing at the fair.

One of these nine businesses is the Woolly Stork, a business run by Tina Aljan which offers bespoke knitting and crochet products for babies.Tina tells us that the Woolly Stork emerged from her “obsession with knitting and crocheting”.

“I knit more than I can give away,” she says.

Another reason for setting up the business was so that she could work flexible hours at home with her children.

“They are my driving force and source of inspiration,” she says. “I want the business to become successful enough that it’s a creative legacy for my children to learn and benefit from.”

The Woolly Stork began as a bespoke order service in Ludlow, growing in popularity through word of mouth. As the business has developed, she says, the service has “evolved into a more modern and streamline (hopefully!) website”.

“My target audience is anyone expecting or knows of someone expecting a new addition to the family, who are time-poor, but happy to pay for the fine quality and craftsmanship of my products.”

At the Spring Fair, Tina is hoping for “exposure to potential buyers who may be interested in the unique appeal and the novel way my products are created”.

She adds that she is looking forward to meeting other manufacturers and retailers from the industry, excited to “learn a thing or two from them”.

The Woolly Stork will be exhibiting at the International Spring Fair with Buy-From Britain from 3-7 February.