We know how confusing keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media can be. We’re creating a new blog series to give you a simple rundown of updates as and when they come in. So here are your updates for June 2024:

92% of TikTok users globally take action after watching a TikTok video


TikTok has seen a massive increase in the amount of users being influenced into making purchasing decisions on their platform, the rise of TikTok Shop and the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt having over 8 million posts is proof of that. 92% of global TikTok users say they have taken action to buy after watching a video on the platform. 44% of UK shoppers have bought through a social platform so clearly this is a trend here to stay.

If you’re running an eCommerce business and feel your products would suit the TikTok demographic, get in touch and we can help advise you on how to best utilise this feature.

Pinterest study shows that it drives 170% more “Total Attention” than other platforms


A latest study from Pinterest has showed the importance of targeting both passive (subconscious engagement such as background music) and active (conscious engagement such as reading an article) attention. People constantly switch between active & passive attention so your strategy should engage both which is their Total Attention. Pinterest drives 170% more total attention than other platforms with 7.3x more passive attention. They also released that they have a 1.5x slower scroll past rate. This tells us that Pinterest may be the best place to maximise attention on your brand.

Instagram testing unskippable ads in-feed


This is not news any marketer wants to hear but Instagram has confirmed that it is testing unskippable ads on their platform. These will mean that users have to watch a certain period of an advert before they are able to continue scrolling. They intent for this to increase engagement but we feel this may have the opposite effect. A poll run on LinkedIn by PR Week found that out of 525 users, 59% of them said they would delete Instagram if they began seeing unskippable ads on their feed.

Instagram text overlays within Carousels


Another Instagram feature they are trialling is allowing text overlays within carousels. This is a feature to keep an eye out for as we know Instagram pushes posts out more that are utilising new features. This feature would allow text to be added to images in carousels within the Instagram app (think TikTok photos but on Instagram).

Instagram says certain CTAs can harm reach


Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently revealed that certain CTAs (Call-To-Actions) in captions may actually be harming your reach. As if the algorithm wasn’t making it difficult enough to reach new audiences, apparently asking users to complete a specific action will result in the post being pushed out less. CTAs like “Comment a Heart”, “Follow me for more tips” or “Like this post and share with your friends” are all seen as asking for engagement and may harm your ability to reach audiences. Before you post next time, double-check your caption and make sure you’re not asking for that engagement.

TikTok 60-minute uploads


A new feature for TikTok is the increase in length of video uploads. The new feature allows videos up to 60-minutes to be uploaded. TikTok started as a short-form video platform with videos limited to 15-seconds but over time has increased this and embraced the long-form content trend. This puts TikTok in even more direct competition with YouTube. They say this will allow creators to experiment with new types of content such as cooking demos, beauty tutorials and educational content. Again TikTok pushes posts out more that are utilising new features so this may be something that you want to give a go.

LinkedIn shrinking link previews in feed


LinkedIn has reduced the size of link previews for organic posts whilst maintaining larger previews for sponsored content. The aim of this is to prompt more users to pay for sponsored content and encourage users to post native content instead of sharing links to retain users on their platform. This will ultimately decrease visibility for these posts within the LinkedIn feed.

Hashtag Updates on Meta


We’ll start with Instagram: Adam Mosseri myth busted that hashtags improve visibility. They are intended to help people interested in specific topics to find your content and not to help new people find your content. This doesn’t mean that you should stop using them though they are just better for search so try to include 2-3 relevant search queries as hashtags. He revealed that including keywords in captions is more relevant to increase visibility.

Next we have Facebook: This is a similar concept that they are useful for increasing visibility when people are searching for certain topics. It was always said that hashtags were damaging on Facebook but it is now useful to use them to reach your target audience on the platform.

We hope you found these updates useful and will continue to follow our new series. It can be so confusing with changes happening every day so let us simplify these for you.

For any more information on any of these updates or for social media guidance, contact ella@buy-from.com or tegan@buy-from.com.