Meet the Maker: Coppermoss Jewellery

Can you start off by telling us about you and your work? 

Hi, I’m Kate Johnston from Coppermoss Jewellery. I design and make original Wearable Art Jewellery from my studio in North Shropshire. I originally trained as a Theatre Designer and have been involved in theatre and the arts my whole life. I have been developing my jewellery business over the last 5 years but have had a passion for making jewellery since childhood.  

What materials do you primarily work with, and are there specific techniques that define Coppermoss Jewellery? 

 I work with a range of materials including Copper, Brass, Eco Silver, Jesmonite and Gemstones. I experiment with enamelling, casting, etching and mark making. I like bold irregular shapes and bright colours.  

What or who inspires your creativity the most? 

I’m inspired by historical relics, tribal jewellery, found objects and overlooked forgotten treasures. I get lots of inspiration on woodland walks, especially when discovering colours and textures in Moss and Lichen. That’s how the name Coppermoss came about; my experiments in Copper and love of Moss! I have a love and take constant inspiration from the work of Artist Alexander Calder. 

What’s your favourite product you sell? 

My enamelled ‘Cosmos’ earrings have always been my bestseller. However my Circle Brooches and Statement Rings are currently my favourite to make and sell and are currently proving very popular. I love how people like to express themselves by wearing these bold statement pieces. 

What will people find to purchase when they visit you at Shropshire Artisan Showcase? 
I will have a collection of my favourite designs of enamelled earrings, statement rings, circle brooches and pendants. I will also be showcasing some designs from my new collection featuring my experiments in sand casting and river severn bangles. 

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