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PR & Communications

We tell your story, position your brand, and get the media recognition you deserve.

PR & Communications

The Key to Success

It’s all about communication, and our team of dynamic and highly-trained copywriters know how to tell your story, position your brand, and get the media recognition you deserve.

Your brand needs to cut through the noise and content is the key… fortunately, we are really good at creating it!

Silicone Straw Company

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Ludlow Distillery

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The Giftware Assocation

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United Oddsocks

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The Gindependent was an absolute triumph. We showed people how different we think, we got people talking and, over the two event weekends, 17,000 people were walking around with their copies. It resulted in an increase of 1400 to our mailing list and traffic to our website as well. The design and copy created by the Buy-From team was absolutely incredible. This is only the first now as the impact has been so good for us as a brand.

Shaun WardMaster Distiller

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What is a brand story and why is it important?

Your brand story is far more than just a marketing tool, it is the central truth to your business, determining your company culture, and the reason your products or services resonate with customers.

Brand storytelling is not just about selling a product or service; it’s about connecting with your audience on a deeper level, building trust, and fostering loyalty. We believe so passionately in supporting businesses to find their truth and feel confident in communicating a story that truly resonates with their ideal customer.

What type of content should I create to best communicate my brand story or USP?

Content that tells a story, invokes emotions, or provides value related to your USP can be effective. This might include videos, blog posts, social media storytelling, case studies, testimonials, or even product demonstrations. The content should engage the audience and compel them to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

How do I ensure that my brand story or USP resonates with my target audience?

Understanding your target audience is key. What are their needs, desires, pain points, and interests? Crafting a message that speaks directly to these aspects and reflects authentic empathy and understanding ensures a deeper connection. Regularly collecting feedback and analysing engagement metrics can also help in refining the message.

How can Buy-From help me both understand and create a strategy around my brand story?

Brand communications and storytelling are at the heart of what we do at Buy-From. We can work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to help unlock and clarify your brand story so you can take it further, or we can spend a couple of days doing a deep dive into your business to create a brand communications strategy that empowers you to take your business forward and reach your ideal customer. Whatever your budget or needs, we can support you. We really do believe that brand story lies at the heart of business growth and success, as well as being the key to company culture as well.

Why not book a free discovery call with one of the team and we can talk it through with you? You can then decide whether you have enough information to write your story, or we can develop a brand communications strategy with you.