Meet the Maker: Pegboarders

Can you start by telling us about you and your work?

Hi, I’m Sarah, Designer Maker and owner of Pegboarders.  With career roots in retail and working with various well known British brands I’m driven by an entrepreneurial spirit teamed with a creative imagination full of innovative ideas and passion for product design!

My love for nature and the simple things in life have led me to create a modern brand focused on natural aesthetics and sustainable products for homes and businesses. The current product range includes wood peg boards that are used for displays and storage, wood décor and luminary art card lights.  I design all of the products from my studio in Wellington, and work with collaborators and other British businesses to produce and create the ranges. I’m continually exploring new materials, textures, and processes to provide fresh, innovative designs.

What’s your favourite product you sell?

The Surf Board Peg Board has to be one of my favourite boards, this was one of my first designs and stems from a love of Devon, where I lived for a number of years. The board is in the shape of a Surf Board but also has a wave design across it too! My other favourite product is the Luminary Art Card Range. I love how the recycled acrylic art card can be changed throughout the year to create a new light for a new season or to match a new room in the home!  My new Summer Range will be launched at the Artisan Showcase!

How can people utilise a peg board?

Simply put, the peg boards are designed to hang stuff, store stuff or display stuff!  They can be used to hang on the wall or they can be free standing too! Depending on the placement of the wooden pegs and recycled plywood shelves, you can create various displays to work with your home décor or craft items or retail products! Customers love the aesthetics of the peg boards!  I have a range of peg boards or customers can create their own versions too! Recent projects have involved creating a peg board in the shape of an oak tree and also one in the outline of the Le Mans racetrack!! The racetrack peg board was even featured in the Guardian newspaper!

What goes into creating a peg board?

For every pegboard I produce, I create a design file. These designs are then transformed into pegboards using sustainable plywood and cut out using a laser engraving machine.  Once they are complete, they are then hand sanded, cleaned and ready to use.  The wood dowels and shelves are then cut and sanded ready to pack together. If the pegboard is mounted on the wall, wooden hooks are attached for support. For freestanding boards, they come with pegboard “bases” for the boards to slide into.

What will people find to purchase when they visit you at the Shropshire Artisan Showcase?

I’m thrilled to be showcasing a range of peg boards including a selection of free-standing peg boards which are perfect for makers and retailers to use to display their items! The Surf Board Peg Board will also remain a firm favourite on the stand! I’m also super excited to be launching my new summer range of Luminary Art Cards! With a wide array of products available, I’m excited to connect with customers seeking to enhance their homes, as well as trade customers in search of fresh display concepts or new wholesale selections for their stores!

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