Meet the Maker: Sarah Corkill Art

Can you start by telling us about you and your work?

I’m Sarah, a watercolour artist/illustrator and children’s book author in Shrewsbury and my business is Sarah Corkill Art.

What’s your favourite product you sell?

This year I started to paint scenes of Shrewsbury. Which have become popular and I sell them as prints and greetings cards. My favourite painting is of Shrewsbury square in the snow with a fox walking by. I sell my originals and prints and cards on my Etsy shop. 

Have you illustrated anything else?

I have written and illustrated my own children’s book about a glossy magazine called Maggie, who gets put into a recycling box. Its titled Maggie Magazine Gets Recycled. Maggie is the main character and she has a friend called Bud, who is a gardening magazine. They get split up and recycled into different paper items and go on a journey making new friends along the way. 

Do you do custom illustrations?

I have always painted but I started my business in 2018 taking commissions to do watercolour paintings from customers photos. I use a few different photos of families and pets and put it all together with any background, such as a favourite beach or woodland walk. Sometimes customers have family members added to their painting who have passed away and it makes it a very emotional artwork for the customer. I like to bring back happy memories in my paintings and the artworks are very sentimental.

What will people find to purchase when they visit you at the Shropshire Artisan Showcase?

When customers visit me at the Shropshire Artisan showcase, they will be able to purchase original art, prints and greetings cards of Shrewsbury, and hopefully London, and Cornwall. Plus my children’s book which is suitable for boys and girls aged 3 to 8. They will also see examples of my custom-made family portraits to get ideas of ordering their own custom made watercolour painting. 

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