Meet the Maker: The Perfume Laboratory

Can you start by telling us about you and your work?

It all started in 2019 when we were having a chat with friends over lunch about the prices of perfume and a conversation came up about why not change that and make our own line of perfume that not only is affordable, but it is also cruelty free. 

What’s your favourite product you sell?

I’m spoilt for choice as we have an amazing range of 56 vegan blended perfumes so it depends on my mood and changes from season to season. My top 3 would be Tilley, Norbury and Claverley. Another product I love is our hand lotion which I always keep in my bag. It’s very hydrating and my favourite smell is black plum and rhubarb.

Can you explain the importance of using natural, vegan ingredients in your products?

Using vegan ingredients in The Perfume Laboratory’s products is crucial for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. It aligns with our cruelty-free practices, and we are registered with PETA. It also promotes sustainability as we have no packaging, and it offers gentler, higher quality scents. Our customers love these ingredients, the brand appeals to conscious consumers, builds trust through transparency, and stands out in a competitive market driven by the growing demand for sustainable and cruelty-free options.  Also, the fact that we actually blend it on site in small batches appeals to a lot of our customers too.

What is the reasoning behind the name choices of your scents?

Well, originally we started off with numbers and the funny story is, we were approached by a high street brand saying that a certain number was registered to their brand. Long story short at the same time we were flattered to be approached by such a big name, we were a little scared and found out a lot of people that make perfume usually use numbers so we sat down and had a think and we said let’s get our unique perspective of what we do so we went to Wikipedia and looked through all the hamlets in Shropshire and we said yes, let’s try and get at least 50 different hamlets and that’s how the names came about.

What will people find to purchase when they visit you at the Shropshire Artisan Showcase?

We have an array of products in our shop it’s a smell sensation when you walk through our doors, you greeted straightaway with a collection of our hand-blended perfume, followed by houseware, sensory products, candles, diffusers, and then we have treats for our body like soap scrubs. We’ve also crystals to our shops and working in partnership with the Crystal Emporium has just finished our shop to make it a one stop experience of kind beauty and Mother Earth gifts.

We hope to bring a collection of our top sellers and some of our homeware scents, beauty and holistic products.

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