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Shrewsbury Shopping Centre

Shrewsbury Shopping Centre

The Brief

The Collective at Darwin Shopping Centre is home to 10 independent businesses. Buy-From look after the social media, graphic design and business support for The Collective, feeding into the wider marketing strategy for the shopping centre. Our remit is to not only promote the businesses as a collective, but support them with their own marketing activities to help them grow.

The brief from Shrewsbury Shopping Centre was to create a sustainable and dynamic social media profile that places the traders at the heart and engages the wider community to encourage footfall.

Pop up banner created for the Collective by Buy-From

What We Did

Buy-From has worked with Shrewsbury Shopping Centre to successfully launch The Collective against the challenging backdrop of Covid-19.

We have organically grown the social media accounts, provided social media and marketing training for the traders, established strategic links in the community to help raise the profile of the space as well as PR to share the stories of the traders.

We also provide monthly newsletters to the traders that offer insight, blogging and training opportunities.

The Collective at Darwin
Social media promoting Sydneys Cafe in the Collective
Branded social media post for the Collective
Social media post of lady with wedding dress from The Collective

What they Said

We’re really excited about The Collective, which offers a unique destination for independent businesses. The Buy-From team have been integral to it’s launch and success so far, supporting us with a range of marketing and business support services.

We really enjoy working with the team, who continue to provide our independent traders with the resource needed to grow their businesses here at the Darwin Shopping Centre.

Kevin Lockwood