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Shropshire Rural Support

Shropshire Rural Support

The Brief

Our initial brief was to work on a rebrand for the charity. We reviewed their existing brand which had remained the same since their creation in 1991.

The trustees were keen to keep the concept of care for the community from the existing logo, so we developed several simplified concepts for them; developing a range of assets for print and social promotion which they could use to spread their positive message across Shropshire. The branding process was a really meaningful one – it was key to create an identity that reflected the work, ethos and location of the charity.

What We Did

On completing the initial branding exercise, we were keen to work with them on their website as what they had wasn't working effectively for them. Budgets were an issue but we had really invested in the work of SRS so decided to adopt them as our chosen charity for 2021 and donate time each month to support them with their marketing, design and digital needs.

This allowed us the time to plan, design and build a Wordpress site which explained their service offer, share positive stories and take donations digitally which they rely on. We also provided training to the trustees on how to update the website themselves so they had total control of their content, rather than having to rely on us for small changes and updates.

To date, we have successfully designed and launched their new website as well as delivering design collateral to support them with events and promotion.

Mobile version of Shropshire Rural Support website design created by Buy-From
Pop up banner designed for Shropshire Rural Support
DL leaflet for Shropshire Rural Support created by Buy-From
Shropshire Rural Support Business Cards

What they Said

The Buy-From team were initially hired to create a new brand for Shropshire Rural Support and we are thrilled with the work that they have done. Since then, we have become Buy-From’s chosen charity for 2021, which has enabled us to get a brand new website as well.

We are grateful for the hard work, dedication and creativity of Grace, Jamie and the team and look forward to working with them into the future.

Andrew Bebb