This week, we’ve had Liv join us for her work experience which has been just
as exciting for us as it has been for her. Working across every department,
we’ve made sure Liv has had an in-depth insight into agency life – and here’s
what she had to say about it…

1. What made you decide to do your work experience at Buy-

I decided to do work experience at Buy-From because marketing really
interests me, and I’d seen Buy-From at events before when I’d attended with
my family (my parents own the Pheasant Inn at Neenton). I’ve also followed
you on social media for a while, and what you do is so exciting.

2. What have you enjoyed the most since being here?

I’ve enjoyed that every day has been different, and I’ve got to watch and
experience all aspects of how Buy-From works. I went on 2 client site visits,
spent a day doing design work with Jamie, and checked in with Louise, Jess
and Hannah on social media projects including how to moderate accounts
and create reels. It’s been a very busy and fun week.

3. Is there anything that took you by surprise while working in a
Marketing Agency?

I wasn’t expecting to see how much the rest of the team uses Jamie for what
each of them does. I thought the graphics aspect would be more separate
with him doing his own projects for a brand, whereas he is also very much
part of the social media side of things. It highlighted the importance of
teamwork and quality checking work throughout the whole process.

4. What are the main skills you’ve learned this week?

I think the main skill I’ve learned this week is learning how a business works
in action and being able to listen and talk to the Buy-From team about
topics, such as how they got to where they are and why they enjoy what
they do. It was a good insight into how I should proceed past school!

5. What’s been your favourite part of this week?

My favourite part of the week was visiting Lock29 because the space is
unique, and it was fun to talk to small businesses about how they use their
own spaces, what they’re trying to achieve and how Buy-From helps with
those goals.

6. How do you think this work experience will prepare you for the
rest of your school life and future career?

“I think this experience will help me in my school life and future career
because I’ve been able to meet and talk with many people which has made
me more confident and furthered my interest in marketing and design.”

You’ve been fab Liv – you’re welcome back anytime!