Graphic Design is a tool for communicating with your customers.

Good design gives an effective first impression and forms your identity as a business. It needs to speak to your ideal customer and convey messages about your business.

Graphic design can define where you sit in the market place.

For example, high-end brands need beautiful, luxurious design work and businesses that pride themselves on value-for-money and a no-frills service need professional, clear design work.

Without appropriate graphic design, you can’t successfully implement a marketing strategy.

You simply won’t have the all-round concepts of vision, values and personality that come with good graphic design. Not to mention the tangible logos, additional design elements, fonts and colours to be consistent with.

A professional and memorable logo is a basic requirement for any business to build a brand identity, but Graphic Design is so much more than ‘just’ a logo. It is a really big portion of your communication – it is your visual communication, and humans are a visual species! Think of all of the ways you visually communicate with businesses. You see their website, product packaging, logos, banners, brochures, social media and much more. It wouldn’t have the same impact at all if all of these things were just on plain white paper with plain text. As a business, how will you distinguish yourself from other brands without Graphic Design? 

At Buy-From we say all the time that consistency is key.

This is true with your look. But without Graphic Design how will you know what to stick to? Using a mix of fonts, colours and logo interpretations looks unprofessional and dilutes your message, it won’t help with making you memorable. A professional brand suggests to customers that all of your business operations will be professional. Graphic Designers know exactly how to keep your brand message consistent. They create a package that works on all of your platforms, suits all of your output, is memorable and adaptable. With this all in-sync, people will connect with your business so much easier.

Sometimes as a business owner it can feel like you are being told you should pay other companies to do all sorts for you. Sometimes, it is a good idea to upskill and take on things yourself to save money. However, graphic design is not one of these situations. 

Graphic Designers are professionals in what they do.

You do your business amazingly and know it inside out – they do the same with designing. They are creative minds, skilled and trained to communicate messages visually.

As a business owner, you’re likely to be too close to your own business (and rightly so!). A Graphic Designer can give an all-important outside perspective. For example, they might notice a subtle tweak to your artwork that will make a huge difference. They can have incredible ideas of how to differentiate your business and look at the bigger picture creatively for a new approach. They also ensure that all of your design work has excellent readability to get the most important information across.

If you have a block when trying to think of ideas for conveying messaging, perhaps for a launch, a rebrand or an upcoming event, this can feel frustrating. Graphic Designers are experts at making visions a reality. They’re great at taking your ideas and developing them, adding in extra bits to make it even more special.

Good Graphic Design pays for itself and then some.

It converts. Never underestimate it. Your design work gives a customer a message in their minds whether they realise it or not. If a business has an awesome looking brand, customers will love it. It can be persuasive. They’ll feel closer to the business. They’ll embrace it, trust you, and buy because of it. The same can be said for employees, your brand identity can form an environment where all staff feel a part of the business and have a shared identity from it.

It is a misconception often these days that Graphic Designers do all of their work on computers. This isn’t the case. The first step in projects for many is still to take pen to paper and sketch out their ideas and concepts. They combine creativity, art and technology to provide you with visual information for your target audience.

Contact us today to have a chat about your Graphic Design requirements. We tailor all of our packages to suit your business needs.