This week, we’ve had Alfie join us for work experience which has been just as exciting for us as it has been for him. We made sure he had the opportunity to work across every department – and here’s what he’s had to say about it…

What made you decide to do your work experience at Buy-From?

Ever Since lockdown hit I was exposed to a new world of creativity and had the time on my hands to take up video editing, I really enjoyed this creative endeavour and wanted to explore how it could be used in the real world, this led to me discovering social media marketing which would be a great way to use my skills. I came across Buy-From and new it was the perfect opportunity to get an insight on how marketing really works, and the strategies used to reach the correct audience.

What have you enjoyed the most since being here?

On the whole I have really enjoyed my experience with Buy-From, but my most memorable moment would definitely be the Harrogate trade show, I was able to meet a wide range of Buy-Form’s clients and learn more about what they do all whilst enjoy my experience there.

Is there anything that took you by surprise while working in a Marketing Agency?

I was taken by surprise when seeing the wide range of clients that Buy-From were supporting, I only expected a niche selection but was amazed by the amount of effort they must put in to help them.

What are the main skills you’ve learned this week?

During my time at Buy-From I learnt many skills including, how to stand out amongst competition, social media skills to build and maintain a loyal audience, videography and photography skills to convey your brands atmosphere/tone as well as graphic design techniques to make your brand more unique, just to name a few.

How do you think this work experience will prepare you for the rest of your school life and future career?

My experience with Buy-From will be valuable to me as I have been able to learn valuable communication skills.

We’ve loved having you Alfie – you’re welcome back anytime!